This wiki is a work in progress to share my learning with Geogebra

Geogebra is free and open source: Check it out at these links:

My Geogebra Applets =>
Applets I am using in the classroom as at August 2011

Also see and

Other sites I have include: for early childhood speech development

These video's are inspirational (not mine!)

Links I intend to learn from
Issue: some of the awesome applets do not allow a right-click to see how they were made.
I want to:
-create probability simulations (seen on video - can not find an applet)
-create random movement (I have seen it in video and applets )
-create fading traces (not seen yet - exists in geosketchpad - could follow the point with a different colour but loose background)
-investigate teaching statistics (year 13) using geogebra compared to excel (and at lower levels)