5th December 2011 Calc Day Workshop

Debrief: Our KeyNote John Mason http://mcs.open.ac.uk/jhm3/ Inspired the session:

Due to the morning Keynote session I started my session by making an applet similar to this one: Applet CalcDay
There are videos showing you how I made it: http://youtu.be/oJW9owV493E ; http://youtu.be/gfnffDPGhug and http://youtu.be/hFLRG6Jh5VE
People enjoyed (I think) the little trick I showed them: Applet CalcDay Trick and Applet CalcDay Trick 2
Thank you to everyone who came - I really enjoyed it.
Hopefully people got something out of it,
- the fun of it?
- a new trick?
- an idea of what Geogebra can do?
One hour is such a short space of time, Geogebra offers so much, you only get to see the tip of the iceberg of possibility.
Priscilla Allan.

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Hands On WORKSHOP with Geogebra:

(For beginners, or people who are willing to share their experiences)

Geogebra is a free, open source, mathematics application for teaching and learning mathematics. It can be used in the classroom to teach concepts via a data projector, and students can download Geogebra at home, or at school, and consolidate their learning individually. This workshop will allow us to share what we are currently doing, or not doing, with Geogebra in the calculus classroom. Bring your laptop and take the time to explore Geogebra with support.

http://2011geogebralessons.wikispaces.com/Calc+Day+2011 will store the links and files that are used, or discussed on the day.
Please load Geogebra onto your laptop from http://www.geogebra.org/cms/, do not panic if you cannot, I will bring a USB.
All applets/geogebra files in these videos are made by me - so come along and I will support your learning.
Do you have an idea - an applet you would like to use - that I can help you with?

Getting Started - knowing what Geogebra looks like and how easy it is to use

Applet Calc Circles Applet PacMan



Using Geogebra at all levels



Check out these applets:
Polished ones http://2011maths.wikispaces.com/2011+Applet+Files+and+Discriptions
Also some of my polished applets are additionally stored here http://www.mathscentre.co.nz/GeoGebra/
Made as and when needed or just playing http://2011maths.wikispaces.com/Applets

And here is someone light years ahead of me...


Which brings me to the point of all this:
We do not have to re-invent the wheel, there is heaps out there for us to use.
However, learning to use Geogebra, so we drive it, and build images from scratch, allows us to teach students to explore math with Geogebra.
Creating applets is interactive, proactive and fun. Using other peoples applets is a little passive, the creativity is seen, but not owned by us.
Why do I use it? I enjoy it, and so do my students. Even without computers in the classroom, many students have access to Geogebra, because it is free.
My wiki supports my classroom teaching. Any applet I use in class, the students can play with at home.

Try going to this wiki http://aucksecmaths.wikispaces.com/ and seaching on ggb or geogebra and WOW!


Check out more links here: home

Tricks to impress and/or inspire young minds.

Links I wish to look at when I get around to it...